the 1st international conference on

Human Dignity and Intercultural Encounters

Yogyakarta, 13 - 14 September 2019



Human dignity is the ideal state of human existence. While human beings live in a very diverse culture, there is certain quality of humanity that is shared within all cultures. The keyword of human dignity is respect. Human dignity is anything that make a person respectable and respectful. Cultural differences develop diverse values that guide each cultural group to live their particular lives.

These particular values sometimes is in conflict with other culture’s values. The conflict can occur at the level of understanding, power relation, and policy implementation. The miss-match of values can occur in the context of psychology, historical sociology, and cultural artifacts, such as architecture.

Irid Agoes, Ph.D

Key Note Speaker

She has dedicated her life to promoting harmony among culturally different peoples through helping them better understand each other and work productively together. Intercultural Relations is her passionandshe has worked to enhance cultural bridging through her work internationally.

Presently she is both faculty of Universitas Indonesia Graduate School of Strategic and Global Studies and Executive Chair of Agoes&Agoes Management and Intercultural Consultants.


Bagus Riyono, Ph.D

The universals and the particulars within the cultural differences that need to be identified to preserve human dignity

Katrin Bandel, Ph.D

Human Dignity: postcolonial perspectives.